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Comparison of skin features

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Customizing Monaco
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This page compares the feature sets of the Wikia Monobook and Monaco skins.

Several features on Wikia are exclusive to the latest skin, Monaco.

General skin features[edit]

Monobook Monaco
Actively developed 20px
(only via MediaWiki upgrades)
Editing tips and widescreen editing available 20px 20px
New editor available 20px 20px
Link suggest available 20px 20px
Add Images tool available 20px 20px
Video Embed tool available 20px 20px
Advertisements load last 20px 20px

General skin design[edit]

Monobook Monaco
Max logo size Box/vertical, 135 x 155px Box/horizontal, 216 x 155px
Content area width Middle Largest
Sidebar widgets 20px 20px
Flyout navigation system 20px 20px
Prominent search box 20px 20px
Top banner with re-organised personal and Wikia links 20px 20px
Page bar tabs/links represented with icons 20px 20px
Community widget with last two edits and personal links 20px 20px

Navigation customization[edit]

Monobook Monaco
Customizable sidebar links per site 20px 20px
Customizable toolbox links per site 20px 20px
Customizable sidebar links per user 20px 20px
Customizable toolbox links per user 20px 20px

Skin customization[edit]

Monobook Monaco
Customization guides Customizing Monobook Customizing Monaco
Ease and flexibility of customization (with guide) Average Easiest
Multiple premade skins available 20px 20px
Jade (green) theme available 20px 20px
Image independent for skin customization 20px 20px
How to design site-wide custom dark themes without causing problems for light themes of that skin (e.g. WoWWiki) Design code in Common.css, custom dark skin in MW:Monobook.css. Users can import light skin CSS. Design code in Common.css, custom dark skin in MW:Monaco.css. Users choose not to use custom skin from prefs.

Other notes[edit]

Other benefits of Monaco, from Wikia measurements:

  1. Users find content easier using fly-out menus - less people leaving after looking only at the main page.
  2. More editors - people finding deep content are more likely to edit than just read.

From [1], on the usefulness of the Community widget:

"On Muppet Wiki in the last month, 1,404 anonymous readers logged in using the button in the Community box, 1,539 anon readers clicked the "more..." button to go to Recent changes, and 1,287 clicked on article links that they saw in the Latest Activity area. Those are readers who may not have been engaged with the site if they hadn't seen the activity going on in the Community box. On the other hand, logged-in contributors only clicked in the Community box 350 times. It's not designed for us; it's for the 91% of anons."

This article uses material from the "Halp:Comparison of skin features" article on Archived Help Wiki and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.
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