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Welcome to Monaco help Wiki!

The help wiki for people new to Monaco.

How to get started

We're here for creating a new, updated ShoutWiki site for all the Monaco fans. You can get started by using the sidebar on the left. Also remember that to keep this site running, you might want to disable your adblocker. But, for right now, we're planning on making the best site possible from scratch. Feel free to make any guides/instructions, or pictures available for other to benefit from on this wiki. Also remember that we want to keep ShoutWiki running, so make sure to stay on any of the ShoutWiki sites!

If you haven't noticed, this port of Monaco is the exact same one Wikia had at one point.

About ShoutWiki

ShoutWiki is the only company that has figured out how to use Wikia's code. The mystery about it is not how they did it, but why they didn't use Monaco for their sites. They put too much effort into Monaco, and now only users use it on their sites. But, we're still glad ShoutWiki hasn't gone down yet! ShoutWiki is one of Wikia's most potential dangerous competitors, due to the fact that they have been able to mock up numerous former Wikia projects to the very minute detail.

If you're wondering, here's why we're going against Wikia.

What is the Monaco skin?

Monaco is a notable fan-favorite MediaWiki skin of Monaco help Wiki users. It's the skin before Wikia changed to the creatively named "Wikia," however codenamed and introduced in November 2010 as "Oasis." Learn more.


Before this wiki started up, there was no actual great place to find information about Monaco! That's here right now. If needed, we'll assign admins that can be here almost all the time to show users how to code the CSS files for their Monaco skins, and for requesting extension requests.

07/05/2016 I have begun revamping parts of this site that just drive me absolutely nuts grammatically. Also, I have two tutorials that I will be adding myself that others may find useful to build on when designing their Monaco-themed sites. DJ m0m0 (talk) 03:13, 6 July 2016 (UTC)

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